Farmers Market haul

Since (at time of writing) this is a relatively new blog, and I have loads and loads of photo’s recipes etc etc from before I started this, I thought I’d put some of the stuff that I’ve been amassing over the last couple of years up.

Here’s a photo I took after a trip to a local Farmer’s Market in Autumn 2009. From the top left there’s:

Braeburn apples, a marrow, bunch of organic carrots, a fresh savoy cabbage, A Hubbard squash (used in making the Winter Soup Diary), a bunch of fresh radishes (or should that be radish?), a free range corn fed chicken, a rolled shoulder of pork, some enormous portabello mushrooms, a fresh wild rabbit (used in making the rabbit curry video on YouTube), a brace of Partridges, some honey cured ham, some smoked salmon, a venison and game pie, and a rabbit pie.

Took a few weeks to get through all that, but it was well worth the trip.. 🙂


About Gourmet Gorman
I'm a musician who enjoys cooking

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