Nice, cheap Parisienne bistro….

I’ve played 4 times at the New Morning club in Paris over the last 4 or 5 years, and the last 3 times have gone to this bistro round the corner.

I was there a couple of weeks ago with the great Marlena Shaw (here’s a clip of the gig), so I decided to do a quick post about it in case any other musos reading this were playing at the New Morning.

It’s open early (ie. before dinner) and it’s cheap, so perfect for hungry musicians on tour. More importantly, the food is very simple, unpretencious, and very good indeed.

Couple of photos below are a breaded chicken escalope and a ham and cheese omelette.

It’s the Le Duc D’Enghien Brasserie on the corner of Rue d’hauteville and Rue d’engien. Turn left out of New Morning, walk up to the next crossroads, turn left and the place is 200 yards or so on left.


About Gourmet Gorman
I'm a musician who enjoys cooking

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