Eastbourne Eatery Favo’Loso

Day 7 of the Boy George tour, and we’d done a long overnight drive from Skegness to Eastbourne.
The last meal we had was a very nice fish and chips on the front at Skegness from an establishment called “Tony’s”.
The fish was very fresh, and the batter extremely light, almost like Tempura, but the only thing that blemished what would have been a great seaside fish supper was the fact that the fish, chips and mushy peas were all served in a big pile on a polystyrene tray which resulted in the peas somewhat soggyfying (is that a word?) both the chips and the bottom of the fish. A far better option, in my opinion, would be to serve the whole thing in paper, so as to maintain some separation between the constituents, and also enable the diner to salt and vinegar the fish and chips seperately to his or her own preferred degrees.
That meal was at 5.00pm however, and nothing but a few pistachio nuts (courtesy of Bob the merchandise chap), were consumed on the bus that night, so by the time we reached Eastbourne at 9.00 am the following morning, there was a small degree of urgency to find a favourable spot for breakfast.
Myself, John (the guitarist/MD), George and the aforementioned Bob embarked on this quest, and mere 1 minute walk from the theatre, we came across Favo’Loso, a large bright establishment with an attractive outward aspect, promisingly labelled with the signs “Cafe” and “Foodhall”.
I knew immediately, seeing the food coming out of the kitchen, that this was good stuff.
The toast was thickly sliced, soft fresh bread (no Mother’s Pride here), the bacon was perfectly grilled, and the sausages were the smallish fat butchers type with clearly discernable small herbs – more often than not, a sign of a quality sausage in my experience.  The grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and hash browns also looked great (plus the fact that a choice was given between fresh grilled or tinned tomatoes).
The rest of the menu exhibited a wide variety of home cooked style fayre, and there was also a sizeable collection of desserts and ice creams on offer, some of which, including a pretty much perfect looking apple pie, are pictured below. I myself opted for 2 poached eggs, bacon, beans and hash browns. (See below) The poached eggs were cooked perfectly, with a nice soft yolk, but firm white, and the bacon was obviously good quality dry cured back. I also took a picture of the large handsome ham and cheese omelette which was ordered by Bob.

While we were ordering, we discovered, that by amazing coincidence, the proprieter (who’s name is Paul Newman by the way) is the cousin of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook who’s daughter is George’s Goddaughter…. Small world (but I wouldn’t like to paint it! ….. John Themis’s joke, not mine..)

There was also a gem of a boxing anecdote:
While we were discussing George Foreman grills, I mentioned that I once had an email from George Foreman, after I emailed him to say he should have included himself on a list of the top 10 heavyweights of all time which he compiled on his website (and omitted himself from). He’s also a big jazz fan, so I mentioned the fact that being a boxing fan and a jazz musician I had a particular appreciation of his work. I was of course thrilled, when he sent me a reply straight back with a thanks and a self effacing quote from the bible, advocating the benifits of humility. At this point George mentioned that he had met Muhammed Ali in the late 70’s. This took place when he had attended a party at the restaurant owned by former British Light Heavyweight world champion John Conteh, at which Ali was a guest. Ali came in surrounded by huge security attendants and entourage.
Somehow George apparently managed to get through them and, popping up in front of Ali, shook his hand and expressed the fact that his Father was a huge Ali fan.
At this point Ali looked at George (who was dressed in full makeup and regalia) and said “are you a girl or a boy?”, to which he recieved the reply “I’m a boy”.
“Well”, said Ali, “you’re a pretty boy…”

Favo’Loso is 19-24 Carlisle St, Eastbourne.


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