I’m a musician who enjoys cooking and eating..


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7 Responses to About

  1. Ochie Putri says:

    Hi Mr. Gorman..
    What a great man, a musician who loves cooking and eating..
    I do love cooking too.. But Indonesian food especially..
    Good luck with it all ya, your music with Incognito and your cooking..
    Nice to know you..

  2. ling3bzr says:

    Hihi, thanks for the compliment.
    Yea, the stewed pork is seasoned and canned, widely available in asian countries.
    try goggling “narcissus stew pork”

  3. Hi! First thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂 You have a pretty nice thing rolling here too! Do you invent the recipes yourself, or are inspired from other chefs? G’luck with your blog! Happy Cooking 🙂

  4. Thanks dropping by and commenting on my Chicken Satay! Great posts and loving that you create not just music but delicious-looking dishes too! I’m a newbie in the kitchen but one day I hope I can “throw stuff together” too!

  5. Love that you gig professionally, and your keyboards look great. 🙂 I have to ask– what knives do you use? I love the look of them. I currently have Wusthoff classics but I am looking to buy a few specialty knives outside of Wusthoff.

    • Thanks for the message 🙂
      I have 2 Global knives: a veg chopper which is like a sort of mini cleaver, and a carving knife.
      I mainly use the veg chopper for everything except if I have to finely chop some meat, then the carving knive comes out. (Also use the carving knife for carving roasts of coarse).
      I have a smaller cheap knife which I use for normal chopping of meat/fish etc, but if it’s a precision job, the large global one is really sharp.
      I love the veg chopper. I often take it with me if I go on a self catering holiday (in the UK) since I can cook about twice the speed with it than if I have to use a half blunt little knife.
      I also have a cheap Taylor’s Eye Witness flexible filleting knife which I use for skinning/filleting fish etc.

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