A quick and easy Prawn Dhansak cooked with prawns, lentils, lemon, yoghurt, chilli and spices…

A delicious traditional Anglo Indian curry using left over roast chicken, potatoes, tumeric, black pepper and yoghurt:

A flavoursome rabbit curry, cooked with fresh wild rabbit, simmered in a green masala with apple, potato and coconut:

A succulent leg of lamb roasted in a Caribbean style marinade, served with basmati rice cooked with aduki beans and sweet peppers:

A fresh tasting Mediterranean style fish stew cooked with fresh cod and prawns, in a tomato and wine sauce with canellini beans and olives:

Harrisa spiced mackerel, roasted on a bed of sweet potatoes, lemon, shallots, garlic and rosemary:

A satisfying three lentil dhal using channa, mung and red lentils, and a tutorial on preparing some sumptuous freshly fried poppadums:

A tasty lamb curry with channa lentils, and a saffron pullao cooked with with green beans:


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